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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 7, 2010

NARCO BLOG:  Mexican Preschool Torched While Standing up to Extortion

The Constitucion preschool located in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico learned the hard way not to mess with criminal extortionists.

Yesterday the kindergarten was burned down when armed men came and set fire to the school after they refused to meet the criminal’s pay-protection demands. 

The arsonists had the gall to then leave a sprayed painted message: “Son of a Bitch, Pay Us”  - classes are suspended until further notice.

Blog del Narco and other sources had been reporting that the school and its teachers were being extorted for their weekly paychecks and bonuses.  The school’s in turn tried to outmaneuver the extortionists by doing direct deposits and changing pay periods.  All this just in the end to have their school burned down.  Several reports tie the criminal extortionists to drug cartels expanding their revenue sources. 

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