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Latino Daily News

Monday June 6, 2011

NARCO BLOG: Mexican Army Locates Cartels “Monster” Armored Vehicle Factory

NARCO BLOG: Mexican Army Locates Cartels “Monster” Armored Vehicle Factory

Photo: Monster Armored Vehicle

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Yesterday the Mexican Army located a factory where “Monster” Armored vehicles were being made for the drug cartel. Vehicles were specifically being made for the Zeta Cartel.

The discovery was made on Highway Reynosa-Nuevo Laredo, in the colony extension Gonzalez in Camargo, Tamaulipas, by soldiers of the Eighth Military Zone

Inside the factory they located four 2011 model, large armored vehicles. The vehicles are all capable of carrying gunmen, inside the vehicle the armored steel was covered by rubber heat shield high temperature resistant material and to provide comfort to the gunmen of Los Zetas. In addition, the vehicles have special sound deafening equipment intended to protect passengers from the intense sound of the explosions.

Inside the vehicle there are seats for the rest of the gunmen while being transported from one place to another, including steel railings for support. Unlike the models presented earlier this Monster is austere, and which has no sound device, only radio. They only run up to 70 miles per hour, due to their weight.

There were 24 units under construction in various levels of completion also located. Also seized were four rifles, two grenades, 43 magazines, and 77 cartridges. These weapons were used for testing shielding the sources said.

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