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Latino Daily News

Saturday February 12, 2011

NARCO BLOG: Making Good on Promise, Cartel starts to Name Names to Clean Things Up

NARCO BLOG: Making Good on Promise, Cartel starts to Name Names to Clean Things Up

Photo: Cartel Violence

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The New Generation Jalisco Cartel wants everyone to know that the cleaning has begun in the state of Colima .

In a messages describing the confession, CJNG claims that the testimony will provide the names of those involved in the execution of the former governor of Colima, Silverio Cavazos. They are handing authorities, and making publically known the names of those who directly ordered the execution of the former governor and even those nicknames of the murderers involved in this murder.

Seconds later a man with masking tape covering his eyes appears to be interrogated. The subject is identified as Gilberto Arturo Lopez Rangel, who lives in the municipality of Villa de Alvarez, Colima and is employed as a taxi driver..

In his interrogation, Gilberto mentions that his links with organized crime began when he met a customer of the taxi called Jorge, who he was asked to drive home.

He heard several men came to the state to execute Silverio Cavazos. A man nicknamed La Vaca, a native of Michoacan, was responsible for the murder, according to the driver.

During questioning, the taxi driver gives up more names . He says he does not know why the execution was ordered, but that it was the direct order from someone nicknamed El Flaco.

The Cartel also makes a statement that although drugs have always been present in the area, terrorism and the act of killing innocent people will not be allowed to continue in Jalisco and Colima.

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