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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 12, 2011

NARCO BLOG: Last Night 8 and 12-year old Sisters Gunned Down in Guadalajara

Yesterday in the early evening two young sisters lost their lives when they were caught in crossfire in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The two sisters were leaving a grocery store in the Colonia Del Fresno located in Guadalajara, carrying soft drinks in their hands when armed commando fired at the store directing the fire at two men that ended up being the store owners. 

The two youngsters were killed instantly and their bodies left lying on the sidewalk in front of the store. 

Relatives later identified the sisters as Betzabet Sarahi Hernandez Garcia, 8 years old and Yosafat Evelyn Hernández García, 12 years old.

The owners of the grocery store were slightly wounded and were identified as Gustavo Diaz, 25 years old, and Javier Diaz, 40 years old.  Also injured at the site were Luis Javier Gonzalez Suarez, and Yanet Elvia Aviña Carla, who are both 18 years old.

Police investigators found 45 caliber bullet casings, a total of 32 were found at the scene.  Authorities have not found those responsible for the execution of these two innocent girls or why the owners were being targeted. 

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