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Latino Daily News

Monday December 27, 2010

NARCO BLOG:  Horrific Find in Front of Popular Acapulco Bar- Skinned and Dismembered Bodies

Acapulco, a few years ago, used to be in high demand as a vacation spot.  Today it is more common to see gun battles and gruesome death scenes.  As gruesome discoveries of dead bodies becomes more frequent and the violence increases, the number of tourists has dropped here and throughout the state of Guerrero.

Case in point, at dawn this morning two dismembered bodies were found in front of the popular karaoke-bar Secret.  A few days before in the same location an armed commando shot up the area with 11 people standing around, two later died.

The finding this morning was more gruesome than usual.  The dead men’s skin was peeled off their dismembered bodies, then hung on over the bar of the nightclub.  Authorities report that men have not been identified, and the brutally of their death makes them assume they belonged to some kind of organized crime group or drug cartel.

Witnesses said the armed group hung the body parts of the murdered men, and then shot at them with AK-47, AR-15 and .45 mm guns, the spent shell casings were found at the scene.

The assassins also left two green colored narco messages, in honor of Christmas, at the side of the mutilated bodies.

In the first narco message read:  “Sincerely, The Metro.”

In the second narco message read:  “I’m The Cat and El Gafe and we just happened to kill the Shop keeper of Sector 6 and the Vichy of Tecate.”