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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 4, 2011

Gunmen Show Mercy and Let 5 Children Live- HSN Narco Blog

Gunmen Show Mercy and Let 5 Children Live- HSN Narco Blog

Photo: Five Children Spared in Nuevo Leon

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At 3:00 am Wednesday morning, an armed group of criminals broke into a house in the town of Cerralvo, Nuevo León. Gunmen kidnapped a couple with three children and another couple with two of their children. The oldest child kidnapped, John Edward 10 years old, told Police that ” The men grabbed his brother Jaid 1 year, his sister Amairani of 7 months and their parents. They also kidnapped his aunt and uncle and cousins -Javier Guillermo 6 years, and Briana 4 years. “

The 10 year old, testified that the group was held at a ranch for about five hours. They were all held together as well as six women and five men, that he did not know.

” They came for my aunt, my mother and my father. Some men were beating my dad with a stick, and then their boss came and they left with him. Then they came and brought us to here.” said Juan Eduardo hoarsely.

The boy said that while the gunmen tortured their father, a man asked them to plug their ears and turned the other way so as not to see.

” Then we were blindfolded and they were talking through the radio, “said Juan. Hours later, the men put the five children in a white van. Then they switched to a red car, to a gray car, and finally a taxi that dropped them off close to a shopping mall located in the area of German Andres and Miguel Guajardo, in Apodaca, where a group of soldiers gave them help.

The military took the children to the facilities of the Municipal Police of Apodaca. To date, the whereabouts of the parents of the children are unknown. The child identified his parents as James and Jessica, and his aunt, called Nano and nicknamed Baby.

None of the children had any physical injuries. The gunmen did not harm children physically and set them free, as rarely happens.

It is hoped that by releasing the photo someone might recognize the children and claim them.

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