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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 14, 2010

NARCO BLOG:  Drug Cartel Guns Coming from Texas

Eight of the twelve main suppliers of arms to the violent drug cartels in Mexico are located in Texas, according to year-long research conducted by the Washington Post.

The newspaper reported that they discovered there are twelve major suppliers of arms into Mexico. The discovery was made by following the trail of weapons seized by Mexican authorities at crime scenes.
The report acknowledges that eight of the top twelve providers are in Texas, three in Arizona and one in California.

In Texas, two of the four Carter’s Country Stores in the Houston area are listed, along with four retail gun dealers in Rio Grande Valley at the southern tip of the state, according to the report.  Carter Country gun stores located in Houston alone accounted for 155 firearms seized by Mexican officials.

Texas has over 3,800 gun dealers while Mexico has strict gun ownership laws, forcing cartels to cross the border for their weapons.