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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 30, 2010

NARCO BLOG: Drug Cartel Declares War on Guatemala, Accuses President Colom of Being on Their Payroll

Members of the drug cartel Los Zetas have threatened to launch a war against the armed forces and people of Guatemala if the government continues with the operations that began a week ago in the northern of the country.

“This is a message to the President of Guatemala, we are the group Los Zetas and just want the country to know that President Alvaro Colom received $11,500,000 dollars before the close elections (2007) and must pay for failing to comply, a war will start in this country, in your shopping malls, your schools and police stations,” warned the criminals.

Nery Morales, Interior Ministry spokesman, confirmed that the message was delivered to journalists in the city of Coban, near Alta Verapaz that is considered a bastion of Los Zetas, and where the Army last week took over.

“The threats came to three media outlets in the town. The message is delivered to the local radio stations threatening to burn or kill relatives of the owners if they did not publicly release the message,” he said.

Only yesterday, President Colom vowed he will continue operations against organized crime.

“We’re going to continue to go after Los Zetas strong. I’m not going to be intimidated with their threats,” said Colom.  He did not discuss the accusations that he received money from this drug cartel.

The government declared a state of siege in the region of Alta Verapaz, on December 19, in order to dismantle a cell of the Zetas.  As a result of the operation,  police have captured 21 members of the cartel. 

They have also seized more than 150 weapons and grenade launchers.  They have also seized 5 aircraft, 37 vehicles, at least 5 of them armored, and $ 3.5 million in bank accounts and cash.

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