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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 16, 2010

NARCO BLOG:  Bags with Human Remains Left Throughout Guadalajara

Several bags of human remains were abandoned in the Colonia Miravalle, in Guadalajara, Mexico the Narco Blog is reporting.

According to a narco message left inside one of the bags, the killing was is in revenge for the death of Ricardo Carrillo Orozco, 23, alias “The Stone”.  Orozco’s dismembered body was found yesterday morning in Colonia Miravalle in Tlaquepaque, outside of Guadalajara. 

At approximately 10:33 pm, Guadalajara police were alerted to the discovery of the two sacks on the central median of the Governor Curiel Avenue road, near the Architecture Avenue intersection.

Although authorities have not identified which human body parts were found, all indications are they belonged to a male victim.

One of the other packages had a cardboard signed attached, which warned of more deaths due to the internal warfare between two State criminal groups.

Minutes later, on the highway to Morelia, at the top of the St. Augustine bridge, the discovery of a corpse was reported, apparently with signs of torture, it is yet has yet to be determined whether it is related to the two bags that appeared in Miravalle.

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