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Latino Daily News

Tuesday March 20, 2012

N. Carolina Professor Facing Cocaine Smuggling Charges in Argentina

N. Carolina Professor Facing Cocaine Smuggling Charges in Argentina

Photo: N. Carolina Professor Facing Cocaine Smuggling Charges in Argentina

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A North Carolina physicist and professor has been arrested in Argentina for allegedly attempting to smuggle cocaine into the United States.

Professor Paul H. Frampton of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill reportedly told The Raleigh News & Observer that though he does not wish to share too many details on the case, he believes “there is easily enough evidence” to prove he is innocent and says he “will not be convicted.”

Professor Frampton remains at Villa DeVoto Prison in Buenos Aires since being arrested after cocaine was found in a hidden compartment in his luggage. He maintains that he had no idea he was carrying drugs.

Since being “locked up” on January 23 the professor continues to work and says he had written four academic papers and continues to advise two of his students, one of which said he didn’t even know Frampton was in jail until recently, having only known that he was out of the country.

Though he remains in jail, McClatchy is reporting that Prof. Frampton, who has three degrees from Oxford University, is more concerned with the way he is being treated by his university. Since being arrested, his pay has been suspended. He chalks it up to “petty academic jealousy.”


Frampton said that Provost Bruce Carney had his pay improperly stopped, and that he needs the money for his defense and his bills back in Chapel Hill.

Also, the university should have sent someone who knows him and can attest to his character to talk with the judge. Instead, it sent an associate dean who doesn’t know him, but happened to be coming to Argentina on business.

“The university has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to help me,” he said. “You would expect a university of that caliber would do everything possible to get me out of prison.”