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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 29, 2010

My Deputies will Arrest Them and Put Them in Pink Underwear - Joe Arpaio

Demonstrators carried through on their promise of a nonviolent rally today despite the fact that yesterday much of the proposed Arizona bill was blocked. Hundreds of protesters met at the state capital in Phoenix at dawn, then marched down to the federal courthouse where yesterdays decision was handed down Chanting “Sheriff Joe, we are here, we will not live in fear,” marchers then headed to the office of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, An AP reporter counted at least 8 people being handcuffed and led into police vans.
“My deputies will arrest them and put them in pink underwear,” Arpaio said, referring to one of his odd methods of punishment for prisoners. “Count on it.”

Approximated 100 protesters gathered in Mexico City at the US Embassy and broke out in applause when yesterday’s court decision was read.

This morning nearly 300 protesters gathered at the federal courthouse in Manhattan to draw attention to the situation in Arizona.