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Latino Daily News

Saturday November 12, 2011

MX Considering Jail Time for Those who Glorify Drug Trafficking and Violence

MX Considering Jail Time for Those who Glorify Drug Trafficking and Violence

Photo: Promoting Violence and Drugs in Mexico

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Mexican lawmakers want to punish those who promote violence and drug trafficking in films, on the radio, on television and over the Internet, including composers of the “narcocorridos,” or ballads, that praise drug traffickers, with prison time, Congressman Oscar Arce told Efe.

The goal is to punish those convicted of glorifying the illegal drug trade with up to four-and-a-half years in prison, Arce, who is sponsoring the legislation, said.

The current punishment for a conviction is just a fine.

The Federal Criminal Code and the Federal Criminal Procedure Code will have to be overhauled to add prison time to the offense, Arce, a member of the conservative governing National Action Party, or PAN, said.

Praising drug trafficking leads people to become involved or indirectly approve of the criminal activity, the congressman said.

Those who publicly incite others to commit a crime would be punished with prison terms of one to three years, with the term rising to four-and-a-half years if a crime is actually committed, Arce said.

The bill cites the increased air time given to ballads about drug lords, messages from drug cartels left alongside victims’ bodies and the posting of violent videos on Web sites.

A provision introduced by Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, Congressman Armando Corona would prohibit the publication of images of murdered, mutilated or bloodied people to avoid helping criminals terrorize society.

The provision “does not seek to limit freedom of expression but to make the contents of the Law on Publishing Crimes more clear,” the lawmaker said.