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Latino Daily News

Monday August 30, 2010

Murders of Honduran Journalists Seen as Threat to Democracy Says UN

The recent murder of a radio journalist in Honduras brings to nine the number of media professionals killed in the country so far this year, and prompted international officials at the United Nations (UN) to call for urgent action to stem the rise in violence against members of the press.

The murder of 62-year-old radio journalilst, Israel Zelaya Diaz, a reporter for Radio Internacional in San Pedro Sula,  has sparked the most recent outrage according to Reporters Without Borders and the International Press Institute.  Zelaya Diaz reported on a variety of local topics, including politics and crime but according to colleagues he was not involved in criminal investigative work.

He was found shot to death on the edge of a sugarcane field near the city on August 24th, he was shot three times.  He apparently had not received death threats, but his home had been damaged by arson three months earlier.

“It is vital that this crime be investigated thoroughly, just as every effort should be made to end the violence and intimidation targeting journalists in Honduras,”  the UN stated, “It is the duty of the authorities to see that the basic human right of freedom of expression is recognized.”