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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 16, 2011

‘Most Prolific Hitter’ Dominican Albert Pujols Appears to be Entering Free Agent Market

Well noon came and went at the St. Louis Cardinals corporate office and there does not appear to be a contract extension for its super star hitter, Dominican José Albert Pujols.  The contract deadline was imposed by Pujols himself so he could focus on the upcoming baseball season.

Pujols is a three-time National League MVP, led the National League with 42 home runs and 118 runs batted in and considered by many as the ‘most prolific hitter’ in the league.  He currently ranks among the top 50 leading home run hitters in baseball.

His eight year $111 contract just expired and was up for renewal.  The failed contract negotiation will put Pujols in the free agent market after this season. 

The Cardinals released statements that they have offered a “substantial long-term offer” while Pujols agent stated there is “a difference of opinion in determining Albert’s value simply could not be resolved.” 

The 31-year old born José Alberto Pujols Alcántara, in the Dominican Republic and raised by his grandmother in New York, was reportedly seeking a 10-year deal worth $300 million.