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Latino Daily News

Thursday May 16, 2013

Most Active and Laziest U.S. Cities

Most Active and Laziest U.S. Cities

Photo: Most and Least Active Cities in the U.S.

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Men’s Health Magazine recently ranked the most and least active cities in the United States.

The magazine compiled the rankings by studying local habits and culture, the amount of exercise residents did at health clubs and at their homes.  The amount of television watched was taken into account as well.

They also looked into exercise initiative and the degree of the residents’ inactivity.

Finally, Men’s Health explored how much money was spent on video-games as well as their popularity.

Below you will find the most and least active cities in the U.S.

Most Active U.S. Cities

1. Portland, Oregon
Current population: 593,820
Latino population: 55,819

2. Boise, Idaho
Current population: 210,145
Latino population: 14,920

3. Salt Lake City, Utah
Current population: 189,899
Latino population: 42,347

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota
Current population: 387,753
Latino population: 40,714

5. St. Paul, Minnesota
Current population: 288,448
Latino population: 27,691

Least Active U.S. Cities

96. Birmingham, Alabama
Current population: 212,413
Latino population: 7,647

97. Columbia, South Carolina
Current population: 130,591
Latino population: 5,615

98. Nashville, Tennessee
Current population: 609,644
Latino population: 60,964

99. Charleston, West Virginia
Current population: 51,177
Latino population: 716

100. Jackson, Mississippi
Current population: 175,561
Latino population: 28,090