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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 15, 2012

More than 500 Dead Penguins Wash Up on Brazil Beaches

More than 500 Dead Penguins Wash Up on Brazil Beaches

Photo: Dead Penguins in Brazil

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In the past week more than 500 penguins have washed up on the southern shores of Brazil, all appeared well-nourished and uninjured.  Marine experts from the country are investigating the cause of death, but don’t expect to know anything until 30 days from now.

Experts believe the penguins were doing their annual migration from Argentina, which lays south of Brazil’s Rio Grande Do Sul state were the animals were found, in search of warmer waters. 

The bodies of the dead penguins, reported to be Magellanic penguins, were found scattered along the beach towns of Tramandai and Cidreiras over the last ten days. 

About a week ago there were signs that things were afoul with some ‘lost’ penguins that were rescued from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where they aren’t typically found because the water is too warm for them. 

Dozens of the penguins were rescued and returned to their natural habitat the BBC reported.