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Latino Daily News

Sunday April 7, 2013

More than 1,700 Haitian Refugees Arrive in Brazil

Some 1,700 Haitians have entered the Brazilian state of Acre over the past two weeks and are being sheltered in a sports facility, the state government said.

The Haitians - 1,550 men, 150 women and two children - are being housed in a sports club in the city of Brasileia, located about 222 kilometers (138 miles) from Rio Branco and the capital of Acre.

On Monday, a team from the health monitoring agency and social workers are scheduled to be dispatched to the city to attend to the migrants.

The Haitians are spending the nights on mattresses at the shelter and the authorities are seeking alternatives with an eye toward alleviating the massive concentration of people at the sports club in the city of just over 20,000.

The Federal Police, which is the law enforcement arm tasked with monitoring the border, will step up its service starting on Sunday with the aim of increasing the number of migrants its personnel can attend to each day, state officials said.