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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 20, 2014

More Protesters Die During Protests in Venezuela

More Protesters Die During Protests in Venezuela

Photo: Venezuelan protest (@claudiamojito)

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A municipal worker died in Caracas and a student lost his life in the border state of Tachira in incidents linked to the protests that have been under way for more than a month in Venezuela, authorities said Wednesday.

The mayor of the capital’s Distrito Libertador municipality, Jorge Rodriguez, said on Twitter that Francisco Rosendo Marin was “murdered by terrorists” as he was taking down a barricade set up by anti-government protesters.

“Francisco was doing his job to maintain peace when he was ambushed by the beasts. We will find them although they are hiding under rocks,” said Rodriguez, a political ally of President Nicolas Maduro.

In San Cristobal, the capital of the western state of Tachira, authorities confirmed on Wednesday the death of student Anthony Rojas after he was shot once by someone in a group of armed men who were trying to disperse a protest in the municipality.

Rojas, 18, on Tuesday night was near a barricade with a group of friends when armed ruling party supporters on motorcycles opened fire, a spokesman for San Cristobal Mayor Daniel Ceballo, who opposes the leftist government, said.

Since Feb. 12, when a march in Caracas ended in violence that left three people dead, Venezuela has been experiencing daily demonstrations against the government, some of them marred by more deadly violence.

The official death toll so far is 31, along with hundreds of people injured.

Fatalities include both opponents and supporters of the government, as well as bystanders and members of the security forces.

Authorities have charged more than a dozen police and soldiers with violating the human rights of demonstrators, while also pointing the finger at the most radical elements among the opposition.


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