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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 28, 2010

More Migrant Abducted in Mexico, 50 Kidnapped Last Week Remain Missing

On the heels of last week’s abduction of 50 migrants from Central American in Mexico, there appears to be another kidnapping in the same area, this time of nine migrants.

Seven gunmen apparently kidnapped nine migrants off of a freight train near Oaxaca, Mexico.  Five were able to escape, one was killed and three remain missing.  Mexican authorities are investigating the kidnapping and have the survivors in protective custody.  The nationality of the kidnapped men is unknown.

Last week 50 Central American migrants were reported kidnapped but the Mexican government was hesitant to proceed with an investigation claiming there was no evidence.  The El Salvadorian government insisted on the crime, prompting for an investigation to begin.  The 50 individuals remain missing.

In 2009 the National Human Right Commission estimated that 10,000 migrants were killed in Mexico by drug cartels or criminals for easy money.  Mexico is the migration route for illegal immigration to the U.S. for many Central Americans.