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Latino Daily News

Monday April 11, 2011

More Mass Graves Found in Mexico, 88 Bodies Now Recovered from Same Area

Over the weekend Mexican authorities from the state of Tamaulipas uncovered four new mass graves in an area they had been investigating since last week.

Last week authorities were investigating reports of passengers being kidnapped off of buses.  That investigation lead them to a ranch in this northern state of Mexico where several graves were found with 72 bodies scattered amongst the graves.

This weekend 16 more bodies were found bringing the total to 88.  The police uncovered the additional graves when an arrested suspect led them to four more graves. 

Thus far Mexican police have 11 suspects under arrest and were able to rescue 5 kidnapped hostages. 

It is believed drug cartels staged the bus kidnappings in order to secure ransom and when unsuccessful they killed all those victims in a two-day period.