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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 5, 2010

More Federal Contracting Opportunities for Women-Owned Small Business

The U.S. Small Business Administration today will begin implementation of its women-owned small business (WOSB) contracting program and expects the program to be available in early 2011.

This initiative is part of the Obama Administration’s overall commitment to expanding opportunities for small businesses to compete for federal contracts, in particular those owned by women, socially and economically disadvantaged persons and veterans.  The government has identified some 83 industries in which WOSBs are under-represented in the federal contract
marketplace.  In addition to opening up more opportunities for WOSBs, this is also another tool to help achieve the statutory goal that 5 percent of federal contracting dollars go to women-owned small businesses.

The creation of a rule to increase federal contracting opportunities for WOSBs was authorized by Congress in 2000.