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Latino Daily News

Monday July 5, 2010

More “CRAZY TALK” Coming from Arizona Republicans

It seems everyone has a creative way to fret out and punish those in Arizona that are not U.S. legal residents.  A Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, the commission that regulates pubic utilities, Barry Wong is suggesting that utility customer’s immigration status be checked and if it doesn’t pass mustard – Lights Out – no service. 

Mr. Wong made the unique suggestion as a cost cutting measure for the state.  “Cutting electricity, water, natural gas, even telephone line at the homes of illegal immigrants” he said “would lower costs for the rest of the state’s customers.”  The actual details on his plan are not known.  Thus far no one has endorsed this idea even the rabid anti-immigration voices of Arizona. 

Mr. Wong, whose parents are Chinese immigrants, is a former member of the State house and currently has a temporary spot on the five-person commission board.  Unlike state legislation that needs to be vetted by a committee, changes to public utility policy can be authored by one person and only 3 votes are needed to become policy.  Hopefully, Mr. Wong has checked the immigration status of his parents and relatives.


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