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Latino Daily News

Wednesday June 16, 2010

More Bloodshed in Mexico

June is lining up to be the bloodiest month in Mexico as President Felipe Calderon’s government continues it war on narco-traffickers.  Yesterday, during a 40-minute shoot out in Taxco, Guerrero 15 suspects were killed and many others wounded none of them police officers.  The shoot out began when security officials were investigating suspicious activities at a residence in Taxco and came under fire.  Security officials are blaming this most recent incident on gangs loyal to Edgar Valdez, known as “La Barbie”.  Valdez’s operations have been under seige by police forces and several of his gang members are in jail.

This incident comes in the heels of 55 bodies discovered in a silver mine in Taxco, several weeks ago.  Those deaths are also being attributed to gang violence and the continuing struggle to dominant trafficking routes.  This week alone 15 security officials were killed and 29 Mexican prisoners murdered. 




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