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Latino Daily News

Wednesday February 2, 2011

More Kalimba News: Cartel Death Threats, Presidential Appeal, a Novela and Maybe a Movie

More Kalimba News: Cartel Death Threats, Presidential Appeal, a Novela and Maybe a Movie

Photo: Kalimba Kadjaly Marichal Ibar

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The Kalimba saga continues.  Sources in México are reporting that two different instances of horrific threats to Kalimba’s life have surfaced in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.

Image“You got saved from going to jail, fu**** Kalimba, but you won’t save yourself from us, we’re going to cut your head off” said a “narcomanta” hung in front of a hardware store.  Another grim and poorly composed message, in graffiti read “If you dare to make a show in MX fu*** Calimba, you won’t escape us, we’ll saber your head.”  The beheading threats are supposedly coming from the La Linea drug cartel. 

Kalimba however, appears to be fairly tranquil about the threats.  When asked about the threats, he said “I didn’t know and I don’t have an opinion…. The only thing I can say, is that God is grand, and God has kept me here.”

In the meantime, Manuel Gaytán, the lawyer of Daiana, the one victim that still says Kalimba abused her, has asked the President of Mexico Felipe Calderón to intervene in the case, and has announced he plans to sue several people (starting by Thaily, the other alleged victim) for defaming the good name of his client.

He also has taken the case to the National Commission of Human Rights.

Meanwhile, Thaily Villalobos, the second victim who retracted her statement and defended the singer will reportedly star in a telenovela!
Sources at TV Azteca revealed that last weekend the young girl was transported from a hotel paid by the TV network, to an undisclosed location in Mexico so Villalobos can rest, so that in two or three weeks she can start acting lessons, in preparation for shooting in early March.

In addition, Mexican film director Raúl Pérez Gámez said that he doesn’t want the Kalimba saga to be easily forgotten, so he has plans to turn it into a feature length film.

Pérez, who got a very warm reception and praise on the last week’s premiere of his thriller “Viernes de Animas” has stated that he plans to start casting as early as next week.

What does Kalimba have to say (tweet) about all this?

“Let the world roar, I have a king and a lion for GOD and father, and it is there where I take refugee. Thanks again to everyone for believing, I love you”