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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 16, 2014

Montevideo Looks to Adopt Community Bike Program

Montevideo Looks to Adopt Community Bike Program

Photo: Montevideo Looks to Adopt Community Bike Program

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By means of bicycle lanes and a system of public bicycles on loan, Montevideo seeks to become a bicyclist-friendly city, in order to make the most of this cheap, ecologically benign means of transport as so many cities in the world do, above all in Europe.

According to architect Juan Vespa, designer of the municipal government’s Montevideo Mobility Plan, the bikes on loan will be available from mid-May in the streets of the Old Town, the historic urban core characterized by narrow and often uphill streets.

A total of 100 public bicycles will be on hand in that area, parked at eight stations and with one service center for users, Vespa told Efe.

The first half hour will be free, after which the price will increase every 30 minutes.

In addition, cycle paths will be laid out separate from the rest of the lanes on two of the streets, the use of the bikes will be banned on sidewalks and pedestrian walkways, and an attempt will be made to keep the wheels from being used in areas with a lot of public transport.

These will not be the first cycle paths in the Uruguayan capital. Last September a University Bicycle Circuit was opened that connects several faculties at the University of the Republic with cycle paths and areas with speed limits.


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