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Latino Daily News

Monday September 12, 2011

Mongozo Beer Finds Success with Brazilian Fruits

Mongozo Beer Finds Success with Brazilian Fruits

Photo: Mongozo Line of Brazilian Fruit Beer

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Award winning Belgium beer maker, Mongozo, has found the fruits of Brazil to be its key to success.  Mongozo beers are fair-trade, organic and gluten-free and its Premium Lager, is the first fair-trade lager in the world. 

But what makes the beer so yummy is that 60% of the ingredients in Mongozo’s line of brews, are organic Brazilian fruits, grown and harvested using sustainable business practices.

Brazilian fruits are used to give the beer a tropical twist, Mongozo comes in Mango, Banana, Coconut, Quinua and Palmnut flavors.  Mongozo has limited distribution but if you are missing your native Brazil its worth a try where ever you can find it.