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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 12, 2011

Monday After Shootings in Tucson Gun Sales Increase by 60% in AZ and 5 % throughout U.S.

While there is talk of who should be allowed to buy a gun and possibly putting restrictions on gun ownership there was a huge surge in gun sales after the Tucson tragedy.

The shooting of 12 people that left 6 dead doesn’t appear to be frightening anyone away from guns.  In Arizona gun sales increased by 60 percent the Monday after the shootings occurred, in Ohio sales soared by 65 percent and across the nation sales were 5 percent higher on that Monday.

Some speculate that the very talk of limiting gun rights makes people want to get a gun before they can’t buy one.  Others believe the purchase is driven by fear and a desire to protect ones self.  These spike in gun sales were also seen right after the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007. 

So while many pundits and politicians are blaming the rhetoric of hate as a possible cause no one wants to make a statement against gun violence by staying away from them all together.