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Latino Daily News

Sunday March 24, 2013

Mom Accused of Tying Daughter to Bed is Held on $620k Bail

Mom Accused of Tying Daughter to Bed is Held on $620k Bail

Photo: Laketha Charis Moore

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A single mother has made her appearance in court on Friday after being accused of tying her four-year-old daughter to a bed for twelve hours a day and leaving her a plastic bin in which to go to the bathroom. The woman is being held on $620,000 bail.

Evidence has shown that the little girl may have been beaten with a belt, and she suffered many injuries to her head, neck, torso, and legs. She was left with little to eat or drink throughout the day, reported WBTV.

According to the Associated Press, Laketha Charis Moore, 36, is facing thirty-one child neglect charges and two child abuse charges. Formal charges have not yet been filed.

Appearing before the North Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Pro-Tem Eugene Martin in shackles, Moore did not say a word.

A neighbor downstairs from Moore told investigators that she hadn’t seen the child in a couple of months. A search was done on Moore’s apartment unit. Luckily, apartment managers noticed a tie that was something like a bathrobe belt stretched from one door to another.

Moore was soon arrested after they discovered the child in the room.