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Latino Daily News

Saturday October 30, 2010

Modern Family Sitcom Offends Peruvians by Calling Them: “Goat-Tripping Murderers” (VIDEO)

ABC’s hit sitcom Modern Family is beloved in many multi-lingual Hispanic households for its multi-cultural content and cast but now it seems to have unwittingly upset Peruvians.  A recent episode had Sofia Vergara’s character, who incidentally is Colombian-born, classify Peruvian’s as goat-tripping killers.

Though meant to be funny many Peruvians didn’t take kindly to the characterization and called ABC to complain.  Organizations like Peru USA and Peru’s People’s Defenders office are demanding an apology.  ABC has not acknowledged the complaints nor has issued an apology.

While the very feisty and frank Vergara twittered “Get a life!!!” Therefore no one should be holding their breath for an apology.


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