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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 12, 2011

MLB Home Run Derby: A Latino Affair (VIDEO)

MLB Home Run Derby: A Latino Affair (VIDEO)

Photo: Dominicans Robinson Cano and Father

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Dominican Robinson Cano out-slugged Venezuelan Adrián González 12-11 in the MLB Home Run Derby after both hit 20 homers in the first two rounds.

It was yet another Boston Red Sox VS. New York Yankees Night at Chase field.

After Red Sox González batted 11 balls into the bleachers, Cano stepped up to the plate and being pitched by his own dad, Jose, he sent one more ball outside the diamond bounds.  Cano has become the 5th Dominican Home Run Derby winner in Major League baseball history. 

Gonzalez and Cano were the most impressive, eliminating defending champion David Ortiz of the Red Sox and Milwaukee’s Fielder in the second round.  Players are allowed to select who they want pitching to them in the Derby. 

When participant players had one out left, they were thrown balls with one infused with 24-carat gold leather, a retail value of $150.

For each homer with a gold ball, Major League Baseball and State Farm Insurance joined to donate $18,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

Let’s remember that ‘beisbol bean very very good’ to us.