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Wednesday May 11, 2011

Missouri’s 11th Hour Attack on Immigrants

Missouri’s 11th Hour Attack on Immigrants

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The MO state legislature has less than a week before they adjourn, but House Bill 167—the bill that would make it next to impossible for thousands of Missouri’s immigrants to get a driver’s license—has resurfaced at the eleventh hour. 

For years, the state has allowed people with limited English proficiency to take the written driver’s exam in their own language.  HB167 would change all that, requiring that the test only be given in English.  For thousands of Missourians, this is the difference between getting their license or not. 

Without a license, how can someone get to work, take kids to school, and be a contributing member of the community?

Tell your senator to vote no on anti-immigrant attacks! Click Here to send an email to your senator telling them you oppose discriminating against immigrants.  Tell your senator to VOTE NO on HB167!