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Latino Daily News

Wednesday September 8, 2010

Missing Children Case in Belize Highlight Influence of Occult in Region

It’s day eight and the disappearance of two siblings from Toledo, Belize remains a mystery. Since Monday police have been scouring the area, but up to now, there are no solid leads as to what could have happened to Onelia and Benjamin Rash, two school aged children who went missing on August 30th when they were allowed to venture twelve miles from home to sell fruits. The investigation into the missing children took a tragic turn over the weekend when an animal sanctuary was burned based on the visions of a local fortune teller. 

On Sunday, a group of angry villagers set ablaze a crocodile sanctuary owned by a U.S. couple. This was fueled in great part by readings and visions from local psychic, Delfina Alvarez, who has now been charged with fraudulently representing herself as a fortune teller. The ruins of what was once a million dollar investment developed to protect local crocodile remains under heavy police and military guard. 

The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary, founded by Vincent and Cherie Rose, was reduced to ashes by a gang of angry villagers in search of the missing children.  The busload of men armed with rifles and machetes entered the property on the visions of Alvarez who said the children had been fed to the crocodiles and that the Rose’s were criminal fugitives from the U.S.  Despite not finding Benjamin and Oneila Rash on the property they set the place ablaze.  Vincent Rose has flatly denied any involvement with the children or even knowing them.  Cherie Rose was Vice President of the local Belize Tourism Industry Association chapter but resigned after she and her husband were forced to leave town following death threats by angry villagers, many who still believe Alvarez’ visions.