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Latino Daily News

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Missing Canadian Children Found Locked in Mexican Home After Father Allegedly Took Them 4 Years Ago

Missing Canadian Children Found Locked in Mexican Home After Father Allegedly Took Them 4 Years Ago

Photo: Dominic and Abby Maryk- missing 4 years, found in Mexico, taken by father

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The family of two missing children from Winnipeg, Canada worried for the children’s safety after they were allegedly abducted by their father nearly 4 years ago, but this story may have a happy ending after all.

Thanks to a tip from a man who recognized Dominic and Abby Maryk from a Mexican TV report about them, the children, who were 7 and 6 with when they were taken from their mother in 2008, were found in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The children, now 11 and 9, were reportedly kept under lock and key by their father, Kevin Maryk, in a home surrounded by security cameras and barbed wire. Maryk was reportedly living in Mexico with his associate Robert Groen and Maryk’s nephew Cody McKay.

According to Juan Manuel Estrada Juarez, president of the international missing persons agency the FIND Foundation, Mexican police arrested two of the men in connection with the case, Maryk and Groen. They are still looking for McKay.

Maryk will be charged with abduction in contravention of a court order, and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence. Groen will be charged with conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

Inside the guarded and monitored home the children were locked in, four attack dogs were found watching over a number of weapons as well as drugs and child pornography.

Wilhelm von Mayer, a computer digital forensics expert who was friends with Estrada Juarez, gave the credit to the unidentified Mexican man who gave the initial tip that would ultimately lead to the recovery of the children, calling him, “the real hero here.”

“He came forward when he recognized the children on TV. He first went to the Mexican authorities, police and army, but got nowhere. Then he called me,” von Mayer told the Winnipeg Free Press.

The children, who were found on Friday, are already back with their mother in Canada, and officials say they are doing well, as they are “quite resilient.” However, authorities say there is work to be done to improve the mental health of the children after such an experience.

Dominic and Abby went missing after their father reportedly took them on vacation. Though their mother, Emily Cablek, had primary custody while she and Maryk battled through a lengthy divorce, Maryk still had visitation rights. That was the last time she saw her children before finally being reunited with them this weekend.