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Latino Daily News

Thursday October 20, 2011

Missing CA Teen Contacts Mother via Facebook, Says She’s In Mexico, Married and Pregnant

Missing CA Teen Contacts Mother via Facebook, Says She’s In Mexico, Married and Pregnant

Photo: Alisa Wheeler tells her mother she's in Mexico, married and pregnant

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A California mother is both relieved and worried after receiving a Facebook message from a teenage daughter who vanished months ago.

Sheri Simonek was terrified when her 15-year-old daughter, Alisa Wheeler, disappeared four months ago. The teen was believed to have run off to Mexico with her much older boyfriend known as “Afillo” or “Roi”, though it was never an absolute certainty.

Simonek said she was living “every parent’s worst nightmare” when she realized her daughter was gone, but Friday, she said she was contacted via Facebook by her missing daughter.

ImageAlisa reportedly told her mother she was using crystal meth just weeks before she turned 15, then disappeared shortly after that. She was last seen June 21.

In a Facebook message to her mother, Alisa said she was sorry for letting her mother down.

But what may have been the biggest shock to the Taft, TX mother was when her daughter told her was now married.

However, Simonek is not married to the man to left with, as she discovered once in Mexico that the man already had a wife. Instead, she married another man, and to add to the shock, she is now three months pregnant.

The teen has told her mother that she and her new husband are in Baja California and hesitant to return to the U.S. for fear he will be arrested.

Simonek said police have not gone to look for Alisa because “she is 15 and she is legal in Mexico, and they assume that she went there willing and that’s why they won’t go down there and get her.”

As for the girl’s husband, Simonek she knows only that he is 23 and named Chino.

The worried mother however, has stated that she just wants her daughter back and is willing to pay for the newlyweds to return to Taft. According to the “missing person” Facebook page made after Alisa disappeared, she has agreed to go home.