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Latino Daily News

Sunday December 1, 2013

Miss Universe ‘96-Actress-Singer Alicia Machado Releases New Song

Miss Universe ‘96-Actress-Singer  Alicia Machado Releases New Song

Photo: Actress Alicia Machado

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Actress and 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado is releasing “Incomprendida,” a new pop-rock song this week.

The song, which will be released on Machado’s official Web site on Friday, was written by Diego de Pietri and produced by Jose Miguel Velazquez, who worked with the former beauty queen on her 2005 debut album, “El País de las Maravillas.”

“It fit like a ring on my finger and I decided to bring it to Miami,” Machado said in an interview with Efe, referring to her discovery of the song in Los Angeles and her decision to record it in the city where she lives.

“Incomprendida” deals with the difficulty other people often have in accepting decisions made to achieve personal goals, the actress said.

“On this path and in this process, there are many people who do not understand your reasons, do not understand why you make certain decisions, that’s something only you know. And you sometimes feel misunderstood,” the Venezuelan entertainer said.

The song is a “little gift” for fans since it dids with personal feelings, Machado said, adding that she felt some of the moves she had made were not well received.

“Misunderstood, yes, sorry about it, never. You are what you have lived. I’ve had some very beautiful experiences and that has made me the person I am now, and the bad experiences too,” Machado said.

The song could lay the foundation for an album, the actress said.

The single is being released on Machado’s 36th birthday to mark her 18-year career.

The actress’s career has featured numerous pursuits - acting, music, modeling and business - with some of them controversial.

Machado was the first Miss Universe to bare all for Playboy, gracing the pages of the men’s magazine in July 2010 in what she called “a great experience.”

“It makes me proud. I love it. I like to be in the vanguard and pretty daring. I don’t think I’d do it now, but I’m not ruling it out completely,” Machado, the mother of a 5-year-old girl, said.


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