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Wednesday April 11, 2012

Minorities More Optimistic Government-Sponsored Healthcare With Benefit Everyone

Minorities More Optimistic Government-Sponsored Healthcare With Benefit Everyone

Photo: Minorities More Optimistic Government-Sponsored Healthcare With Benefit Everyone

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3,892 respondents participated in the 1st March American Pulse conducted 3/12-3/19/2012, utilizing BIGinsight™ and reInvention survey panels. The latest results show that Hispanics, Blacks and Asians are more optimistic about the benefits of a government-sponsored healthcare system while Whites disagree. Further, regardless of race, most Americans agree that preventative healthcare services are “untouchable”.

With the healthcare debate heating up during an election year, some Americans have concerns over the level of care and the degree of coverage that could be offered. Minority groups appear more optimistic of the benefits, while Whites remain skeptical. 71.7% of Blacks somewhat or strongly agree that the Obama Administration’s healthcare plan will benefit the majority of Americans, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey. A majority of Asians (61.9%) and Hispanics (54.5%) share this opinion while Whites (36.4%) are less likely to expect benefits for all citizens. Further, minorities are more likely than Whites to say that healthcare reform will improve the quality of medical services in the U.S.

Despite the differing opinions over the benefits of the program, most Americans agree that employee benefits should not be controlled by the government. 64.1% of Adults 18+ somewhat/strongly disagree the government has the right to decide what healthcare services companies offer to employees. 68.0% of Whites support this position along with 47.6% of Hispanics, 42.8% of Asians and 40.8% of Blacks. Fewer Americans of each ethnic group believe the government has the right to mandate appropriate healthcare services for organizations.

Whether privatized or government-sponsored, certain medical amenities are necessary for all Americans. When asked which products or services were expendable (“I can live without it”) and which are untouchable (“I CANNOT live without it”), power toothbrushes, contacts and vitamin supplements are health products Americans can do without. However, necessary surgeries, emergency room care, prescribed antibiotics and preventative care are “untouchable” according to the majority:

Expendable (Adults 18+)
Battery-powered or rechargeable toothbrush: 86.6%
Contact lenses: 68.9%
Daily vitamins: 61.0%
Corrective dental procedures (i.e. braces): 59.3%
Contraceptive services: 52.1%
OTC cold medicines: 51.3%
Untouchable (Adults 18+)
Surgery to repair broken bones: 88.1%
Emergency room care: 88.0%
One-time prescribed medications (i.e. antibiotics): 84.3%
Daily prescribed medications: 83.4%
Glasses: 79.9%
Manual toothbrush: 78.3%
Yearly physicals/check ups with a primary care doctor: 75.4%
Yearly eye exams: 68.7%
Yearly cancer screenings: 67.0%
Specialists (allergist, dermatologist, etc.): 64.5%
Visiting the dentist twice a year: 58.0%
Dental X-rays: 56.7%