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Latino Daily News

Sunday October 17, 2010

Miners Struggle with Traumatic Effects of their Nightmare

A mass that was planned for the miners today at the site of the mine has been cancelled. The mass was to be a mass of Thanksgiving for the miners and their families. Citing the psychological fragility of several of the miners, a return to the scene of the trauma was not deemed to be in their best interest at this time. Some of the miners were showing signs of disorientation as they were trying to get reacquainted with their life aboveground.

“It’s not a good idea that they go back to the mine so soon,” said psychologist Alberto Iturra, who was part of the medical rescue team that counseled the miners during their ordeal.
“Ideally, they need a period of rest because they are still on an emotional roller coaster,” Manalich said. “They still have to process what they went through, to let their experiences settle, have their nightmares and let out their anxieties.”

“I didn’t think I’d make it back, so this reception blows my mind,” Edison Pena, one of the first three miners to be released from the hospital, told reporters as waiting neighbors showered him with confetti on his return home. “We really had a bad time.” Reports are that most of the men began returning home this weekend, although some of them men will be transferred to a clinic in Santiago. One miner is known to be suffering from pneumonia and another from diabetes.

The men had agreed to share their story together in order to equally share in any financial gain. The miners have been inundated with job offers, gifts, and invitations from celebrities and presidents around the globe offering trips to glamour spots and major events.

“These are miners, not movie stars,” Iturra warned.