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Latino Daily News

Friday May 13, 2011

Miner who Wrote “We’re Ok” Message Wants it back from Chilean President

Miner who Wrote “We’re Ok” Message Wants it back from Chilean President

Photo: Piñera Snubs Miner

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The Chilean miner who wrote the famous message “We’re Ok” message wants that little piece of paper back from Chilean President Sebastian Piñera.  ImageJosé Ojeda can only hope Piñera returns the little paper with the survival message, as he once promised.

When José Ojeda came out from his underground nightmarish odyssey, he was certain President Sebastián Piñera would return to him the little paper that saved his life, and those of his 32 mining co-workers.

He didn’t and it wasn’t for lack of trying on Ojeda’s part.  He even asked the President directly when they first met after the rescue.

Piñera didn’t return the little paper next time when they saw each other, at the presidential palace—La Moneda, last October. Instead, Ojeda says, the president gave him a really strange answer after telling him he had to make an appointment to pick it up.

“I really don’t want to create a controversy here, but he told me he could make an identical copy, and that I would have to recognize mine, that he would scan the little paper and I’d have to guess which was the original, and which the copy,” said Ojeda.

What the fudge, Piñera? The man just wants to donate the paper to a museum in Copiapó dedicated to remembering the tragedy and the 33 miners. That’s all!  It’s not like he is going to sell it on eBay or Craiglist.

The miner said that he has sent emails and letters, but has gotten no answer, as many of his miner friends when they call or write to ask about the pension compensations the government promised and has not delivered.