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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 19, 2010

MillerCoors Recognizes Twelve Latino Leaders Making a Difference in their Communities

MillerCoors today recognized 12 Hispanic leaders who are helping to advance Latino communities across the country. One leader will be chosen as the MillerCoors Lider of the Year and receive a $25,000 grant for a community leadership project.

The MillerCoors Lider of the Year will be chosen through an online public voting campaign, hosted on www.MillerCoorsLideres.com from September 15 - October 29. The 12 leaders will be featured in a national marketing campaign sponsored by MillerCoors and will participate in an extensive social media program.

“The 2010 MillerCoors Lideres are a diverse group of respected community leaders who serve as an inspiration and an example of what one person’s dedication can accomplish,” said Joedis Avila, multicultural relations manager, MillerCoors. “We are proud to highlight their achievements and support Latino community leaders who serve as role models for future generations.”

As part of the criteria for nomination, the 2010 MillerCoors Lideres have demonstrated an ability to give back and serve as an inspiration for the next generation of Latino leaders. They come from across the United States and Puerto Rico and represent a variety of fields such as education, crime prevention, and government.

The 2010 MillerCoors Lideres are:

  • — Michael Aguilar, National Latino Peace Officers Association, Los
    — Fernando A. Bohorquez, Jr., Latino Justice (formerly PRLDEF), New York
    — Reynaldo Decerega, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI),
        Washington, DC
    — Aurelia Flores, National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI), San
    — Rodrigo Garcia, Adelante! U.S. Education Leadership Fund, Chicago
    — Raul Magdaleno, Parents Step Ahead / Padres un Paso Adelante, Dallas
    — Lina Maldonado, The Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
    — Romy Portuondo Remior, Cuban American National Council (CNC), Miami
    — Gina Amaro Rudan, ASPIRA New York, Miami
    — Dean J. Sanchez, The Mile Hi Chapter of the American GI Forum, Denver
    — Claudia V. Sloan, NSHMBA, Phoenix
    — LCDR Mark A. Venzor, MANA - A National Latina Organization, El Paso

  • The MillerCoors Lider of the Year will use the $25,000 funds provided by MillerCoors to implement a community leadership project in partnership with his/her non-profit organization. Lizette Jenness Olmos, National Communications Director of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the 2009 MillerCoors Lider of the Year is using her winnings for a nationwide program focused on leadership for young adults through a workshop with elected officials and LULAC national board members December 3rd and 4th.  “Being chosen as the 2009 MillerCoors Lider of the Year was a great honor for me,” said Lizette “The fact that MillerCoors spotlights the important work that Hispanic leaders carry out in our communities is inspiring and truly validates our mission.”

    Since 2006, MillerCoors Lideres has raised awareness and highlighted the achievements of national and local leaders within the Hispanic community through an online public voting program and a national advertising campaign. The program offers up-and-coming Latino professionals leadership tools, counsel and the opportunity to network through www.MillerCoorsLideres.com, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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