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Saturday May 24, 2014

Millennials Drive Sales of Spanish Wine in U.S.

Millennials Drive Sales of Spanish Wine in U.S.

Photo: Spanish wine

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So-called Millennials are behind the rising sales of Spanish wines in the United States, and “will drive them in the future,” according to the director of Wines from Spain, a division of the Spanish Trade Commission.

Katrin Naelapaa spoke with Efe at a wine tasting organized by the Spanish Embassy in Washington, where more than 200 wines were presented to the public.

“The youngest segment, the Millennial generation, is the one that drives wine sales. It is drinking much more of them than previous generations,” Naelapaa said.

These consumers “are curious and want to buy the latest thing that none of their friends know about,” she said.

In 2013, Spain became the biggest wine producer in the world, and exports of table wine to the United States climbed 11 percent.

“It’s an excellent moment. For several years now a radical change has been observed in the acceptance of wine on the American market,” Naelapaa said.

U.S. consumers, she said, “realize that Spanish wines deliver so much quality for their price, whether the wine costs $10, $20, $50 or $100.”

“Around 30 years ago, Spanish wine was considered cheap. That idea no longer exists, but rather that at whatever price, it offers more quality that its competitor from Italy, France or California,” Naelapaa said.


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