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Wednesday March 9, 2011

Military Diversity Group’s Report: Too Many White Men in Highest Ranks

Military Diversity Group’s Report: Too Many White Men in Highest Ranks

Photo: U.S. military officers

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Monday, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC) released a report stating that there are too many white men in the highest ranking positions of the military.

The report was presented to the U.S. military by order of Congress under the 2009 National Defense Authorization Act seeking to increase diversity.

The report stated, “The commission’s recommendations support two overriding and related objectives: (1) that the Armed Forces systematically develop a demographically diverse leadership … and (2) that the services pursue a broader approach to diversity that includes the range of backgrounds, skill sets and personal attributes that are necessary to enhancing military performance.”

According to the report, 77 percent of the senior officers on active duty are white, eight percent are black, five percent are Hispanic, and 16 percent are women, and the MDLC believes this is unacceptable.

“Leveraging diversity as a vital strategic military resource will require the commitment, vision, and know-how of leaders at every level. Without this commitment to instill respect for diversity as a core value, the needed cultural change may not take place,” continued the report.

To address the issue, MDLC included a list of 20 recommendations in the report, with suggestions like increasing the eligibility pool, allowing women in combat, and requiring an explanation any time a women or minority is not nominated to a three- or four- star position.