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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 11, 2011

Mexico Will Not Extradite Narco’s “Queen of the Pacific” to the U.S.

Mexico Will Not Extradite Narco’s “Queen of the Pacific” to the U.S.

Photo: Sandra Avila Beltran Will Not be Extradited to U.S.

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A Mexican court has blocked the extradition of Sandra Avila Beltran, known as the narco’s “Queen of the Pacific”, to the United States to face 2002 drug trafficking charges. 

And that wasn’t the only good news Beltran received from Mexican courts.  Her acquittal on charges of organized crimes and money laundering in Mexico stands due to lack of evidence.  She remains in jail in Mexico on separate money laundering charges.

The extradition block could be temporary, if the Mexican government gets assurances that Avila won’t be tried in the U.S. on the same charges she was acquitted in Mexico on.  Thus far the American Embassy or U.S. law officials have not commented on the Mexican court rulings.

The Queen of the Pacific is the most infamous woman in the narco world that is dominated by men.  She is the subject of several books, ballads and folklore and there are rumors Julia Roberts will portray Avila Beltran in a movie.  She is respected amongst narcos for having spent over a decade working her way up the cartel ladder and having love affairs with several notorious drug kingpins along the way.