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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 5, 2011

Mexico’s Soccer Team: One of FIFA’s Top 10 Teams and A Major US Brand

Mexico’s Soccer Team: One of FIFA’s Top 10 Teams and A Major US Brand

Photo: El Tri Marque Brand and a Top 10 Team

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Thanks in great part to Mexico’s national soccer team winning the CONCACAF Gold Cup championship, it is now back on the list of the world’s 10 best teams, according to FIFA (international soccer federation).

Last month when Mexico defeated the U.S. in the Gold cup championship it earned 25 points taking it from a world ranking of 28th to a venerated 9th spot. 

Currently World Cup champions, Spain, hold the No. 1 spot on FIFA’s list followed by No. 2 Netherlands, with 1871 points and 1661 points, respectively.  The losses experienced by Brazil and Argentina dropped them from their perennial inclusion in the top 10. 

It has taken Mexico’s team close to four years to win its way back to a top stop. 

The team is also making its mark as a top major U.S. brand thanks to its rabid fans.  Bud Light and All State Insurance are amongst some of its key sponsors.

The team when it plays on U.S. soil, on average attracts 71,000 fans.  The CONCACAF game in California attracted 93,000 fans.

Anytime Univision airs games it gets top audience numbers.  The championship gave Univision’s all Spanish broadcast, 8 million viewers – close to what the Stanley Cup and U.S. Open each got.