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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 11, 2011

Mexico’s Rescue Team “Los Topos Aztecas” Honored on Anniversary of 9/11

Mexico’s Rescue Team “Los Topos Aztecas” Honored on Anniversary of 9/11

Photo: Los Topos Azteca, Mexico's Rescue Team honored on 9/11

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Numerous U.S. embassies around the world commemorated the anniversary of 9/11 in different ways but in Mexico City a special tribute was given to “Los Topos Aztecas” the Mexican rescue team sent to New York to locate victims.

The Topos Azteca group, who were recently in Japan helping locate victims of the tsunami, is a largely volunteer organization that is not a formal part of the Mexican government and is privately funded.  The group was established in response to the tragic Mexico City earthquake of 1985. 

The remembrance ceremony was held at Mexico City’s Museum of Memory and Tolerance with representatives from the British and Spanish embassy. 

In addition to the tribute to all victims of 9/11, including the 16 Mexican nationals that lost their lives an official used the occasion to note solidarity with Mexico and their own fight on terrorism. 

“Although my personal analysis is that there are no terrorist groups in Mexico ... it’s no consolation for Mexicans when criminals use terrorist tactics to sow fear,” said Charge d’Affaires John Feeley. “You don’t fight alone. We march with you bearing the scars and grief of our own battles against evil.”