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Latino Daily News

Sunday September 4, 2011

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon Delivers His Fifth State of the Union (VIDEO)

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon Delivers His Fifth State of the Union (VIDEO)

Photo: President Calderon Delivers 5th State of the Union

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President Calderón delivered the Fifth State of the Union Address at the National Museum of Anthropology this week.

During his address, the president listed some of the most outstanding achievements of his administration, adding that despite the violence due to organized crime, the country has achieved goals such as universal health coverage. Many of these are “very ambitious goals, among the highest aspirations of any nation.”

The president began his speech by pointing out that this year has been one of contrasts, marked by economic recovery and the achievement of social policy goals but also one of the saddest events.

The president’s announcements included hastening the process of purging and strengthening the Attorney General’s office and creating a Social Attorney’s Office for Dealing with the Victims of Violence.  He assured the citizens that the rule of law has been strengthened in the country and that 21 out of 37 of the country’s most wanted cartel members have been captured or killed.

He also confirmed the fact that Mexico will achieve universal health coverage in 2011. In the economic field, he said that “thanks to the efforts of all Mexicans, we have healthy public finances, a solid financial system and a competitive economy.”

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