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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 2, 2011

Mexico’s President Calderon Heads Off to G-20 Meetings to Strengthen Country’s Image Abroad

Mexico’s President Calderon Heads Off to G-20 Meetings to Strengthen Country’s Image Abroad

Photo: Felipe Calderón

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Mexican President Felipe Calderón is set to travel to Cannes, France, to participate in the 6th G-20 Leaders’ Summit on November 3 and 4.

During the Summit, the leaders will analyze the evolution of the global economy and evaluate the work of the Framework for Strong Sustainable and Balanced Growth adopted at the Pittsburgh Summit in 2009.

They will review the progress achieved on the reform of international financial organizations and the regulation and proposal of global networks of financial security. The leaders will also analyze the development agenda with multiannual actions proposed by the Development Working Group in which all the G-20 countries participated.

The issue of international trade will also be discussed. The leaders will discuss the fight against corruption and climate change, global governance, fossil fuel subsidies and the volatility of petrol and food prices.

Within this framework, President Calderón will attempt to strengthen Mexico’s image abroad as a country committed to finding solutions to the main challenges on the international agenda by facilitating understanding between developed and developing countries. He will also outline the priorities of the Mexican presidency of the G-20, scheduled to begin in 2012. The president will promote a successful transition between the French and Mexican presidency of the Group.

The B-20 Business Summit will be held parallel to the G-20 Leaders’ Summit. This Summit is designed to promote dialogue between governments and the business community. In the B-20, the business sector will provide its perspective on issues such as regulatory reform, trade recovery and investment and unemployment reduction.

During the 6th G-20 Leaders’ Summit, the Mexican president will attend bilateral meetings to strengthen political, economic and cooperation links between Mexico and other countries.

The G-20 Summit is attended by the leaders of the world’s twenty most important economies, whose gross domestic product accounts for nearly 90% of the world total, as well as guest countries and the directors of international organizations.