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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 25, 2010


CRIME UPDATE:  As Monterrey, Mexico officials continue to search the “drug-gang dumping site” more bodies have been uncovered revising the figure up from 38 to 51 corpses.  Thus far 48 men and 3 women’s bodies have been uncovered but remain unidentified.  Authorities are also confirming that a phone tip led them to the site.  If more bodies are found it can be the largest mass grave found in Mexico.  In May, in Taxco a mass grave was found and excavated containing 55 bodies.

:  United Nation officials have condemned the murders of two Mexican journalists, which bring the total number killed in the country to ten.  Most recently Marco Martinez Tijerina was killed in Montemorelos while filming a human rights report.  The UN urged Mexico to bring to justice the murderers of journalists and to assure their safety in order for democracy to continue.

CRIME: A group of 50 people are fleeing their village in Oaxaca due to armed violence and constant gunfire and are seeking government protection under human rights violations.  Most of the violence is due to land disputes in the village of Zimtlal de Lazaro Cardenas.  The group mostly women and children are hold up in the offices of Indigenous Human Rights Commission. 


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