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Latino Daily News

Saturday July 24, 2010


• CRIME: The bodies of 38 people have been found in Monterrey, Mexico in what police are describing as a “drug-gang dumping site.”  The bodies of 36 men and 2 women were found late Friday and the site is still being excavated for additional remains.  It appears drug cartel victims were tortured at the site and then their bodies dumped according to police officials, whom did not explain how they discovered the site.

• ARCHAEOLOGY: An anthropological team from France and Mexico announced they were able to recreate the appearance of a “Las Palmas” woman from remains found in Tulum, Mexico.  The remains were found in perfect condition in 2002 and were of a woman 44-50 years old that was 4 ft, 11 inches weighing 128 pounds living some 10,000 years ago.  The careful reconstruction shows a woman with Southeast Asian features confirming migration to the Americas were from northern and southern Asian regions.

  The U.S. Department of Treasury has identified two businesses owned by daughters of drug cartel leader, Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada as money laundering fronts.  The companies named to the list are Arte y Diseño de Culiana SA de CV and Autotransportes JYM.

• NATURAL DISASTER: Mexican officials announced that 21 of the dams of the Rio Bravo are at capacity and soon can overflow due to more rains in the region.  It will take a month or more for levels to subside if no heavier rains occur, therefore residents living near the dams were advised they maybe evacuated.  It has rained in Mexico 36% more than it typically does this time of year, resulting in 21 deaths thus far.

• CRIME:  Mexican police in the border state of Tamaulipas seized pickup trucks disguised as army transport trucks to confuse Mexican citizens and hide from authorities.

  A Mexican man, Efrain Ibarra, has claimed responsibility for the Google search error, known as Google bombing, that lead any internet user to a pedophilia site when typing in the Spanish word “vaticano”.  His stated purpose was to “denounce the church”. 


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