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Latino Daily News

Thursday August 25, 2011

Mexico’s Fútbol Federation Calls for an End to Violence

Mexico’s Fútbol Federation Calls for an End to Violence

Photo: Stop Futbol Violence

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After last weekend’s incident during the Santos-Morelia match, the federation has issued a plea for more efforts to control widespread violence.

“It is clear that the incident that occurred on Saturday at the stadium had nothing to do with internal matters or soccer,” said Mexican Soccer Federation secretary-general Decio de Maria on Monday after meeting with representatives of all the professional divisions.

The game between Santos and Morelia was called off after gunfire erupted outside the Corona stadium in the city of Torreón; players, referees and staff for both teams ran for cover as hundreds of fans rushed onto the field to protect themselves from the shots fired outside.

Others hid under the stadium’s seats while the shootout between Federal Police and unidentified individuals was at its peak.

In the next few days, both teams are due to decide when to conclude the match, tied at 0-0 when the game halted.

The Federation and the Federal Government reached an agreement to improve security in and around stadiums, and said to be willing to do all necessary investments to guarantee security for stadium goers and soccer fans during the upcoming Pan-American Games in Guadalajara this October.