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Latino Daily News

Tuesday February 1, 2011

Mexico Files Its Murder Case Against Hollywood Producer Bruce Beresford-Redman

Mexican officials filed an affidavit of extradition against Bruce Beresford-Redman as he stands accused of his wife’s, Monica Burgos, murder in Cancun last April.

Beresford-Redman is a former Hollywood producer who worked on TV’s popular “Survivor” and is accused of killing his wife in Mexico while the family vacationed there.  The affidavit states that he struck her with deadly force, repeatedly punching her until he choked her to death in their hotel room, then dumped her body in a nearby sewer.

Mexican authorities detail Beresford-Redman as a man with a secret life that consisted of $5,000 phone sex-bills, an affair with his assistant and a fiery temper.  They alleged he lured his wife to Mexico with a promise to repair their failing marriage though he was planning on killing her all along, even taking out a new life insurance policy before taking the trip.

Beresford-Redman fled Mexico when he was charged with murder, later being arrested by U.S. authorities.  He remains in U.S. custody in Los Angeles and is fighting extradition to Mexico.